Founded in 1990s, KRONZ has grown from its Germany base e a global manufacturer and supplier of industrial control ponents and systems. With sales offices in the Germany, UK, France, Italy, Australia, Russia and North America and with logistics centres in Europe, North America, Australia and China, we now derive over 50% of our revenue from overseas markets.
Our history is one of innovation. That philosophy extends pany’s service model with features such as advanced online customer ordering and visibility, integrated logistics and the industry's first global third party fulfilment agreement described by the trade press as “a deal ahead of its time”.
Our quality assured manufacturing sites ensure KRONZ products continue to be recognised for quality and reliability. Backed by unique warranty periods of up to Two Years pliance with all relevant international standards and approvals, customers specifying KRONZ products can do so with the knowledge and security that they are making promise selection.
eed through ess of our customers. Blue Chip manufacturers the world over rely on KRONZ to help them achieve higher levels of innovation, competitiveness and reliability. It is a philosophy that continues to deliver results and one which creates close and long lasting relationships with our customers world-wide.